First “Made In USA” Wind Turbine Certified

While the United States still holds the title as the world’s largest manufacturing economy, the nation faces an uphill battle to stay competitive in the global manufacturing marketplace. Competing countries, like China, can offer manufacturing at rock bottom prices-well below U.S. alternatives-and that makes for an attractive option to companies, new and old, that are limited on production capital and in a hurry to get their wares to market. Clean energy companies have to stare this reality directly in the face as funding sometimes dries up during the research and development phase, leaving little left to get prototypes off the drawing board and into the field.

That’s why recent news from  Aeronautica Windpower could be considered a good sign for the health of US manufacturing in renewable energy. In a statement released recently Made In USA inc. announced that Aeronautica completed the “Made In USA” audit process and is now the first and only US wind turbine manufacturer that has been granted license to use the “Made In USA” label.

Aeronautica 750 Turbine

image via Aeronautica

Earlier this year, Aeronautica announced a partnership with Goss international that has the Durham, New Hampshire company building its line of wind turbines. From that 500,000 square foot factory, turbine nacelles get shipped to job sites throughout North America.

Aeronautica Windpower builds and markets mid-scale commercial and industrial (225 to 750 Kw) wind turbines, according to the company. Its turbine design is Danish in origin and reportedly has been proven around the world since the 1980s.

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