European Wind Industry Wants Better Policies

The EU Wind Energy Association (EWEA) brought the hammer down at the opening of Europe’s largest wind power conference and exhibition demanding some concrete energy policies that stretch past the year 2020. In a report released by the EWEA at the conference in Brussels, the organization argues that existing energy policies have made Europe the world leader in renewable energy but, in order for that trend to continue, new policies need to be established beyond the year 2020.

Arthouros Zervos, President of the EWEA, indicated that, in order to secure funding, policies needed to be agreed upon soon: “the wind industry  expects to invest some  EUR 400 billion in Europe between now and 2030. To do so it needs stable and certain EU energy policy.”

torque vectoring for wind turbines

image via DynGlobal

Presently, the EWEA supports a an aggressive target that was proposed by the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC). The EREC believes that not less than 45% of the EU’s total energy consumption can come from renewable sources by 2030. As lofty as that may sound, the EWEA thinks that wind energy alone could account for 28.5% of that goal. Their current projections already have them providing 14% of the EU’s power with renewable wind energy. Still, it was apparent that the association wants to see new policy drafted now.

Zervos wants the decisions made in the next four years. He expressed concern about getting this business taken care of before the current European Commission and Parliament is replaced. In his speech, Zervos suggested that  “European Commission President Barroso and the other EU leaders need to consider their legacy.” He later warned that 2020 may seem far away for some, “but for the electricity industry it is the day after tomorrow.”

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