Electric Submarine Likely Quite Pricey

Here’s something for those with deep pockets: a submersible catamaran that allows you to view marine wildlife while keeping your hair perfectly coifed, as per the people in the photo below. Who knew the jet-set life wanted to try to be so eco?

The Ego electric-powered semi-submarine by Raonhaje (which comes to us via IGreenSpot) is a piece of “leisure equipment” designed to allow users to explore the wonders of life under the sea more easily and safely, via a central, submersible viewing chamber. Just power on out to your favorite coral reef–courtesy of clean, green electricity–and drop down into the viewing area. You’ll beat the glass-bottomed tour boat experience by a mile, all with zero emissions from the engine.

Ego Submarine

image via IGreenSpot

The designers see the Ego as a boat for honeymooning couples, families or other vacationers who visit marina resorts. It can also serve as a research and surveillance vessel for those working to track changes to marine life and habitat in connection with pollution and climate change–with the added bonus of not contributing to the problem, via carbon emissions from petroleum.

Like any type of electric vehicle, of course, the Ego’s level of eco-friendliness depends on how much electricity it takes to charge, and how that electricity is generated. Still, as a concept for marina resorts that has already reached the manufacturing stage–and is currently seeking distributors worldwide–the Ego seems a pretty cool way to get a look below the surface of the sea, though the video below promoting this sub is a little hokey.

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