Electric Motorcycles Cruise The Open Road

Cruising down the road, hair blowing in the wind, living wild and free. That’s the American dream of riding a motorcycle on the open roads as one sees the landscape while being part of it, not driving through it with windows up, AC blowing and video playing to entertain the kids. Most motorcycles tend to be gas guzzlers, however, so it isn’t always the best for the environment. What about going electric instead?

image via Mission Motors

As you can see from the photo gallery we’ve gathered below (each photo, if clicked on, enlarges the image and also offers a link to more information), there are a variety of electric motorcycle types to choose from. Some have classic motorcycle design, while others go for a sportier feel. All tend to go pretty fast, have a decent range and only require a short charging time before you are back on the highway.

What’s your favorite electric motorcycle from the batch above, or is there another one not mentioned that grabs your eye? Leave your thoughts below in the comments, and enjoy riding the roads of America EV style.

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  • Reply March 25, 2011


    “Most motorcycles tend to be gas guzzlers”. 40-50 mpg is “guzzling”? As much as I look forward to electric vehicles, until they can match current cycles’ performance, range, and speed/ease of “refueling”, they will remain on the fringe.

  • Reply March 25, 2011


    I suppose anything that even sips gasoline should be characterized as guzzling, if your world-view only includes the new green religiosity. Makes my lawnmower downright blasphemous!nnSeriously though, when electric vehicles finally do perform at least as well as the internal combustions, I will be in the market. However, for a whole many dollar$ less, I can toy with my own versions of electric vehicles. I’ve already cobbled a bicycle, and am now working on a homegrown motorcycle.

  • Reply March 26, 2011


    Wow. This writer obviously has no idea.

  • Reply March 28, 2011


    high perfomance crotch rockets get 35-45 miles per gallon…almost as good as a prius…smaller bikers will get 50-60 or even more.nnBesides that ignorant statement, these are cool…but are they available? cost? where to get them?

  • Reply March 29, 2011

    Erik Chapman059

    You mention electric motorcycles without mentioning the Motoczysz E1PC???nnNone of the mentioned bikes raced in the Isle of Man in 2010 or will be competing in 2011. nn

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