EarthTechling Earth Videos: Wind Farms

In our latest edition of EarthTechling Earth Videos, we’ve collected for you some informative videos involving wind power and the creation of wind farms. A wind farm, which can exist both on and off-shore, is essentially a grouping of wind turbines within the same location that converts the power of the wind into usable energy.

Throughout the United States there are a high number of wind farms, often praised for their low emissions of greenhouse gases and high-energy production. Although many believe wind farms to be a great alternative to fossil fuels, controversies surrounding the placement and regulations of wind farms continue to emerge.

Oregon's Biglow Canyon Wind Farm

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Recently in Wisconsin, wind energy developer Invenergy cancelled its plans for development of the Ledge Wind Energy Center after Governor Scott Walker and the state legislature suspended recently created rules around how wind farms should be developed. Although there are many opinions over the politics surrounding the placement of wind farms, there is no denying the potential of this form of clean energy for having both positive and negative impacts on those around them.

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

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Crazy windmills

Here and Now – Wisconsin Wind Power Debate

Change in the Wind – Power From Thin Air?

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