Concept EV Puts the Battery In The Tire

Electric vehicles are largely being hailed as the future of transportation–but battery issues in the present moment have largely limited their range and utility. A new concept design from designers Kyu-Hyun Lee and Sol Lee called the MET Car (which comes to us via Yanko Design) tackles this problem with a novel solution: tires that double as batteries.

The wheels on this mini “one-person family” car provide the juice on the road–and when power runs low, there’s no need to stop and plug in. Just pop off the wheels via their specially-installed handles, haul them off, exchange them for fresh, recharged ones, and off you go. (Each wheel comes with an LED light-up function that indicates how much juice is left.)


image via Yanko Design

We know you’re wondering here–if the weight of batteries has been such a challenge in designing electric vehicles, are they really going to be light enough here to carry? We wonder this ourselves, but the designers make sure to point out that since these batteries are actually wheels, they’re easy to roll away.

The designers envisioned fresh battery-wheels for the MET car available at your local gas station, or stacked up at home, awaiting occasion for use.

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