Clean Marine Energy Coming To Wales?

The Welsh government, perhaps seeing all the ocean power based activity going on in Scotland, is getting in on the game via the Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework (MRESF) project, which has just completed five detailed reports about ocean power development in the region. The reports cover a variety of topics, including environmental impact, such as the potential for schools of fish to swim into tidal power turbines.

The MRESF project also produced an interactive mapping system the shows the various locations, and corresponding restraints, marine power development can be undertaken in Wales. The reports conclude that Welsh coastline, nearly 750 miles long, as having enough offshore potential to power up to two million homes.

wave power

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The MRESF project was started in 2007, and now looks to be wrapping up. Welsh officials, working now with the Crown Estates, have formalised their intention to work together to support Wales’ capacity for marine energy manufacturing and to ensure that deployment of marine renewable energy devices is not delayed by infrastructure requirements at local ports.

Tidal and wave power projects are popping up all over the globe. From a giant program in India, to an LED powering system in Ireland, to a venture in Canada, this form of clean energy may have big potential in the global renewable energy market in the next few years.

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