22,000 New Green Jobs Possible In Scotland?

In anticipation of 2012 local elections, the Scottish National Party (SNP) recently pledged to create 22,00 new clean energy and low carbon industry jobs during the next four years of an SNP government. The jobs would span everything from wind turbine manufacturing to commissioned research toward creating new technologies in support of clean energy. In addition to the wealth of jobs, the SNP has guaranteed 500 apprenticeship opportunities in the energy industry.

During a recent announcement, SNP leader Alex Salmond said, “Scotland has been blessed with unrivalled energy resources – from North Sea oil and gas to massive sources of renewable power. Such rich, diverse natural resources, coupled with our wealth of engineering expertise, particularly offshore, will help maintain Scotland’s position as a major global centre for energy innovation and for a range of low carbon technologies that contribute to protecting the planet for future generations.”

Mitsubishi Artemis

image via Artemis

SNP Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead further detailed the SNP’s plans saying, “A re-elected SNP Government working for Scotland will continue the success of the last four years to create 22,000 jobs in our low carbon industries in the next Parliament with a potential 130,000 jobs in the industry by 2020.”

The forthcoming 2012 elections are the result of recent SNP legislative action taken in the Scottish Parliament that split up and moved election dates around. With big companies like Mitsubishi already backing local offshore wind farms, they appear to be in a good position.

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