The He Guide To V-Day Green Gadget Gifts

It is February, which means of course Valentine’s Day is coming up very shortly. We already published our lady’s guide to green tech gifts for this mass consumer holiday, but what about for us dudes? What kind of green gizmos do we want?

I mean, come on, I don’t suppose you are itching for some kind of soft, cuddly teddy bear, right guys? You want things that beep, glow, vibrate and do all those power sucking things our favorite gadgets like to do. That, of course, means  you need some type of hopefully clean energy process to power it, right? Also, what about gadgets that are more earth friendly in their design? With these in mind, I present you the guy’s view on cool green tech gear for V-Day. Ladies, get out your credit cards and do express shipping!

Energizer Solar Carabiner Crank Light

Solar flash light, Energizer, solar powered

image via Energizer

One thing us guys really hate doing is knocking around in the dark as we hunt for a fresh beer in the cooler on a camping trip. One thing which would help make this experience much more pleasant and clean energy focused as well is this Energizer Solar Carabiner Crank Light, which looks to be pricing for as little as $11. It has some nifty solar panels on it, with five hours of charge in the sun time equalling around two hours of use. Also, if the stupid light fails for some reason, there’s also an option to hand crank the light to get it back up and running just enough to also find the bottle opener for the beer.

IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands-Free Car Kit

Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands-Free Car Kit

image via IOGEAR

In keeping with the powered by solar theme for a minute, we all know a lot of states require hands free driving now. This is smart anyhow, as dudes like myself already tend to get easily distracted by shiny things on the side of the road. We need to take calls though on our cell phones, so this IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands-Free Car Kit, pricing around $90, helps us to do this. Powered by that glowing ball in the sky, IOGEAR”s kit will tell you who’s calling (presumably via some pleasant, only vaguely robotic voice), supplying detailed incoming caller information gleaned from your cell phone’s phonebook. It has a built-in speakerphone and we hear offers around eight hours continuous talk time and up to 400 standby hours time.

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