Solar Power Watch Caters To Fashion Forward

It looks more like a sci-fi communication device than a watch, but that’s definitely part of the appeal. Developed for fashion-forward Tokyoflash, the Solaris concept by Oliver Demangel (which comes to us via Yanko Design) integrates solar power directly into the design of a wristwatch for bleeding-edge time-telling.

Each of these three futuristic watches works in a different way. The 1H17 and 8H52 (pictured below) both make use of a tiny solar cell in the center of the watch face, while the time itself is indicated by a series of LED lights around the outside of the face (1H17) or via an image projected on the clear glass face surrounding the solar cell when at the touch of a button (8H52). This contributes to the cryptic nature of the technology, as it wouldn’t be at all clear to the casual observer that the mysterious object around your arm was a wristwatch at all. (The third model of the line, the 12H53, is even more obscure, lacking anything at all in the area where a watch-face would normally go; it draws power, presumably, from a battery.)

Solaris 8H52

image via Yanko Design

We like the way these watches use solar cells as a design element, highlighting rather than hiding the source of the watch’s power, while finding new ways to show us the time, in characteristic Tokyoflash style. (The 8H52 will actually project either an arty version of an analog watch face or a digital read-out, depending on your inclination.)

With designs this cool, there may be a future for the wristwatch, after all.

Susan DeFreitas has covered all manner of green technology for EarthTechling since 2009. She is a graduate of Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, and has a background in marketing green businesses. Her work on green living has been featured in Yes! Magazine, the Utne Reader and Natural Home.

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