Solar Power Ramping Up In Georgia

The sunny South will be bringing a little more solar power online, as Georgia Power has announced plans to test a number of small photovoltaic systems in an effort to better understand how solar generation might work in Georgia.

Georgia, like other states, already has some solar going on. These new 200 kilowatt capacity, 3-by-5-foot photovoltaic (PV) systems won’t generate enough electricity to affect Georgia Power’s overall load, but will be closely monitored by the utility’s research partner, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), at one second intervals for the next 18 months.

Georgia Solar Farm

image via ESA Renewables

By gathering detailed information on the input and output of these systems, Georgia Pacific seeks to identify the effects, if any, of their on operation of Georgia Power’s distribution system, gain a greater understanding of the feasibility of widespread solar PV installations on distribution lines, determine ranges for overall PV performance in Georgia, and compare variable issues in weather (such as passing clouds).

PV panels have been installed in the cities of Rome, Valdosta, Macon, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah and Conley, which will allow for the evaluation of a variety of conditions such as temperature, cloud cover and solar intensity.

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