Large Scale Wind Power Set For Ohio

Iberdrola Renewables announced earlier this month that FirstEnergy will purchase 100 megawatts (MW) of output from its 304 MW Blue Creek Wind Farm in western Ohio. The first large-scale wind farm in Ohio, Blue Creek Wind Farm is expected to be completed by the end of 2011 and comprised of 152 wind turbines rated at 2 MW per unit. Although the wind-energy will not start being utilized until October of 2012, the agreement between the two companies is set for a twenty-year term.

This announcement marks the second such agreement between Iberdrola Renewables and FirstEnergy, but the first providing power to Ohio residents. One of the largest providers of wind power on the planet, Iberdrola Renewables has traditionally done business in states like Washington, Colorado and California. By partnering with an Akron, Ohio based energy company, Iderdrola Renewables is expanding to a key midwestern state, where adoption of green technology has been slow compared to costal regions.

wind power, Iberdrola Renewables

image via Iberdrola Renewables

The green energy deal comes at a good time for Ohio, which is reportedly facing an $8 billion deficit, as the Blue Creek Wind Farm is projected to bring in nearly $3 million in local tax revenue. According to Iberdrola Renewables, at least eighteen different businesses in Ohio are supporting construction efforts of the wind farm, and the company plans to establish fifteen to twenty permanent jobs in the local area.

Although not always considered a powerhouse in the American landscape, Ohio has one of the highest residential populations in America, and successful green improvements will have far reaching impacts on neighboring states. And while 100 MW of power isn’t enough to fuel any major cities, any addition of sustainable energy comes as a welcome offset to Ohio, whose primary electrical fuel source is overwhelmingly coal.

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