Geneva Auto Show: Toyota Prius+, Yaris HSD

With the 2011 Geneva Motor Show coming up at the beginning of March, we are already seeing the customary build up of announcements related to new and updated vehicles which will be on display. Toyota will be offering up at this European auto event two hybrid premieres, including the Yaris HSD concept and the Prius+.

The Yaris HSD concept makes use of Toyota’s hybrid drivetrain system known as Hybrid Synergy Drive. Toyota didn’t say much about the Yaris HSD, though it says its intention is to bring full hybrid technology to the B car segment, said to be Europe’s biggest volume segment. The car will incorporate “several-hybrid specific styling cues” and introduce “a new, forward looking design execution.”

Toyota Yaris HSD

image via Toyota

As for the Prius+, it is being described as the first full hybrid 7-seater in Europe. It follows on the heels of Toyota’s unveiling earlier this year of an expanded Prius line up, including the Prius v, Prius c and Prius Plug-In. The Prius+, for all intensive purposes, is described by some as “basically Europe’s version of the Prius v with seating for 7.”

Toyota didn’t say too much officially on this vehicle, leaving that instead for the Geneva unveiling, but does promise this Prius, like others before it, will have a full hybrid powertrain but this time be coupled with “a significant increase in space and passenger accommodation.”

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