Geneva Auto Show: Nissan ESFLOW

The recently released Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicle doesn’t exactly scream sexy when you see it coming down the road. Nissan realizes that, and for those who want something that is a little more edgy while still having less of a carbon footprint, the automaker will be showing off at the Geneva Motor Show the ESFLOW pure EV sports car concept.

Now we will say out the door this electric car looks mighty fine, giving other EVs such as the Tesla Roadster a run in the looks department. We will also mention there’s no specific word on when this might be available – if ever since it is a concept design – but with Toyota’s focus on developing more green cars to join the Leaf, one can assume something at least remotely akin to the ESFLOW may one day be on a Toyota dealership showroom floor.


image via Nissan

In terms of technical specifications, the ESFLOW is certainly not a car to scoff at. It does 0-100 km/h in under five seconds and can go over 240 km on one charge. It is designed as a rear-wheel drive two seater with two electric motors, each driving a rear wheel. It has laminated lithium-ion batteries mounted low for what Nissan believes is best weight distribution, and has a dramatic wraparound windscreen for better visibility.

The vehicle’s composite ¬†body covers an aluminum chassis incorporating its own roll cage. Blue LEDs give the ESFLOW a bit of a Tron feeling, and on the inside the leather seats are described as being sculpted into the rear bulkhead of the car. Four multifunction illuminated LCD displays provide what we assume to be probably an overwhelming amount of information, just like crazy graphics console on display inside a Tesla back at CES in January.

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