Geneva Auto Show: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

Often when you see concept cars modeling what might be tomorrow’s this or that in vehicle design or technology, you cringe a little at how strange the car looks. Here’s one concept design from BMW, to be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, which has the exact opposite effect on us – the Vision ConnectedDrive.

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive, which AutoWeek has on good authority could be outfitted with a hybrid drivetrain system, is a two-seat roadster creation really designed first and foremost to showcase “the automobile as a fully integrated part of the networked world in both its design and technological innovations.” What does this mean? Simply put, this vehicle is a gadget lover’s wet car dream.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

image via BMW

BMW, at a special website devoted to this concept design, has written verbose, multi-page PDFs for those with plenty of time to kill and a strong love for the brand. In summary, the company envisions the ConnectedDrive as being focused upon three different areas of thought: comfort, infotainment and safety. To represent these visually, the concept car actually has a corresponding light installation for each, “defined by a colour, rhythm, motion and texture and, through the transparent surfaces the path taken by the information can be seen via fiber optic lighting.”

A few of the key technological ideas which stand out include: headlights and rear lights with integrated sensors monitoring the traffic and external environment; two antennas, in place of wing mirrors, providing a data link to the surrounding environment; sliding doors that disappear into the body of the car so it can be driven with the doors open, “emphasising the link between the vehicle and its environment”; and a three-dimensional display of key information in the direct sight line of the driver that allows the real view to be overlaid with virtual information, highlighting hazards and “allowing the driver to assimilate all of the information quickly and take appropriate action.”

Yup, we want.

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