EarthTechling Earth Videos: Geothermal Power

In our newest EarthTechling Earth Videos installment, we hit the search feature of YouTube to find some interesting videos related to geothermal energy. This form of renewable energy often takes a back seat to more well known types, such as solar or wind, but is still very important in the grand scheme of using less fossil fuels for our energy needs.

CPUC Geothermal

image via Ram Power

Geothermal has also been in the news of late, particularly because the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently said it plans to leverage oil and gas expertise to test the reliability and efficiency of geothermal power generation at oil and gas fields. This move by the DOE could help kickstart geothermal energy development here in the United States. And now, some geothermal energy videos:

History Of Geothermal Research In Iceland:

Geothermal Energy Process:

Geothermal Energy In Kenya – Natural Heat To Counter Global Warming:

Geothermal Energy In The Military:

Google’s Green Energy Czar On Geothermal Energy:

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