Coast Guard Base Roof Gets A Green Touch

PetersenDean announced it has begun work on the “largest combined SmarterRoof and solar energy project in the world.” And they should know – SmarterRoof is their trademarked product.

The California company said this project is going on at the U.S. Coast Guard base in Puerto Rico, the former Ramey Air Force Base now known as Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen, on the northwest tip of island. PetersenDean said it was reroofing and putting solar power on “all the structures on the base.” The company didn’t give figures for the roof or solar power installation, but did call the project “massive.”

SmarterRoof, PetersenDean

image via PetersenDean

SmarterRoof uses specially designed, light-color tiles and an Energy Star-rated coating to reflect the sun’s rays. This keeps buildings cooler than ones with typical roofs, and allows solar panels placed on roofs to function more efficiently, the company says.

No information was available regarding the source of the funding for the roof project, but the federal government has made a big commitment to what it calls “cool roofs.” Last year, U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu directed that federal-building roof replacements and roofs on all new federal construction “shall be cool roofs.”

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    glad to see they chose unisolar – top product , very high efficiency, proven , i love em

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