ZuniDigital’s Solution To Vampire Power

Surge protectors and power strips are certainly types of devices in abundance in today’s retail environment. Most of them are fairly run of the mill, handling your need to protect your electronics from power surges and/or allowing you to plug multiple devices into a wall outlet with ease. Few of them, though, help take care of the issue of standby power pushing up your energy bill and using unnecessary energy unless you always remember to unplug them from the wall.

We’ve highlighted companies before who have such energy saving power strips, such as Eco Strip. We recently came across another called ZuniDigital which seems to offer multiple products with promise to combat vampire power, including multiple configurations of a “Smart Green Surge Protector” and a wireless network bridge extender which also doubles as an energy saving power strip. To learn more about this company’s products, we turned to Jaime Engler from Zuni with our questions:

Zuni Digital

image via ZuniDigital

EarthTechling (ET): What is the history of ZuniDigital?

Jaime Engler: ZuniDigital was started in 2008 by several principals with extensive experience in the electronics industry. Our president, Mark Engler, successfully built two large manufacturing and distribution companies in the past decade, supplying products to the communication industry. Our vice president of design, Eric Hu, has been deeply involved in the design of network products and digital signage for the past 15 years.

We also have minority investment from two Taiwanese based companies that have extensive manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan and China. The purpose of ZuniDigital is to design and bring to market innovative products for the electronics industry.

ET: Why did Zuni choose to get into power strips which eliminate standby power? It seems like such a crowded market already.

Engler: While there are several models of energy saving power strips currently on the market, each has significant drawbacks when compared to our surge protectors. All of the products currently on the market are analog based. We used our design expertise to incorporate a digital brain into the surge protector, so that we can provide, among other advantages, error correction to prevent false shutdowns, and a delayed shutdown system for user convenience. These processes are not available in analog strips.

ZuniDigital offers an intelligent surge protector that can meet the needs of many users. Key among our advances is the patent pending process to designate multiple master devices. The Multi-Master design features two master outlets that share control of the controlled outlets.  This is most useful in a home theater setting, so that the user is not required to turn on the TV in order to listen to music.

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