Who Wants A Green Prefab? Your Parents

The green prefab house company Blu Homes is out with news of a trend showing up in the company’s business: It’s not necessarily young, hip, environmentally passionate types who are buying and unfolding – yes, that’s the word they use, unfolding – Blu Homes’ houses. Instead, it’s older folks.

The company estimated that 40 to 50 percent of its green prefabs are going to “baby boomers and retirees” and suggested a chief lure is a fast and relatively uncomplicated building process. Instead of the usual two years that a traditional home construction project might take, Blu said their average building cycle is around 6-8 months.

Green prefab homes, Blu Homes

image via Blu Homes

Blu offered a couple of examples of their typical buyers – a Vashon, Wash., couple whose unfold is set to happen this spring, allowing them to “enjoy our retirement years without the risk and hassle of managing a long construction project”; and 80-year-old Pittsfield, Penn., resident Lisa Hawkins, who said she was “drawn to their simple and quick construction program at a predictable price.”

Not that it necessarily applies in Ms. Hawkins’ case, but Blu Homes CEO Bill Haney pointed to another element of their homes that could appeal to the older set: “With ADA-approved fittings and fixtures, a single-story design, and a fixed price, eco-friendly prefabs like the Glidehouse make sense for those planning for retirement, or looking for simple, beautiful living,” he said.

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