Scotland On Track For 31% Renewables

Currently, renewable energy sources in the U.S. are said to account for around 11% of our total power supply. In Scotland, however, the number is more than double that, according to a recent release from the Scottish government’s Energy Trends report for 2009.

According to this report (which comes to us via Cleantechnica), renewables met more than 27% of Scotland’s electricity use in 2009, and as of 2010, 7 more gigawatts of renewable power are either online or under construction. This puts the country on track to meet its goal of 31% percent renewable by 2011, and its overall, highly ambitious goal of 80% by 2020.

wave power

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Where is all these clean power coming from? Scotland’s Climate Change Minister Roseanna Cunningham highlighted green developments such as the 322 megawatt Whitelee wind farm, as well as the commercial development of wave power and tidal power, which Scotland has in abundance. While celebrating these clean energy gains, she also says that the next ten years will be “decisive for determining the pace of the renewable revolution and the transition to a low carbon future,” calling upon the government of the UK to implement a fairer transmission charging regime and reforms in the market for electricity that will help, rather than hinder Scotland’s ambitious green energy efforts.

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