Lake Erie Offshore Wind Coming Along

Back in May we mentioned that Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) of Northern Ohio had partnered with GE to make use of the latter’s wind turbines in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie. Now LEEDCo said it has teamed with Freshwater Wind, a private developer, on an option with the State of Ohio to lease specified acreage for an initial offshore wind project in the same Great Lake.

While offshore wind turbine projects in bodies of salt water such as oceans are common, fresh water installations are not so much. Potential advantages here include less distance from shore to turbine for power to travel, though on the downside wind might not be as powerful as what is found at sea. Whatever the case, this particular project will initially allow for five wind turbines at the proposed site beginning late 2012 that will have approximately 20 megawatts of electric generating capacity.

Lake Erie Wind

image via FreshWater Wind

LEEDCo has greater plans then this however, envisioning by 2020 1,000 MW of offshore wind energy installed in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie. This is seen both as a big potential boon in green job creation as well as a new source of regional clean energy. LEEDCo, for those not familiar with it, classifies itself as a regional non-profit corporation leading efforts to deploy offshore wind projects in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie.

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