Green Tech Chatter: Obama & Clean Energy

Welcome to Green Tech Chatter, an occasional series where we take the pulse of the Internet around a hot green technology topic. For our first installment, we look at Obama’s clean energy remarks during the State of the Union.

In his State of the Union Speech earlier this week, President Obama talked about the need for the country to transition to cleaner energy sources, suggesting that to help spur this transition Congress should “eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies…instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.” The buzz around the Internet on this topic has, of course, been intense. Here is a line up of interesting items we’ve read you might find worth time to skim through. Note that we present these links without opinion on their content.

Obama State

image via White House

Reuters: “President Barack Obama’s new plan to double U.S. clean power output could provide the kind of compromise needed to pass a divided Congress because it offers benefits to lawmakers who want to cut planet-warming emissions and those who want more jobs in energy-rich states.”

Earth2Tech: “What Obama Really Meant: Cut Coal Waay Down”

Inhabitat: “It was clear that in the President’s address last night our sustainable future is at the top of his most important things list. His green points were proposed within the context of providing jobs to Americans and strengthening our economy — which is the right way to get even the Right wingers on his side.”

Green Energy Reporter: “Obama Throws Down Green Energy Gauntlet in State of the Union”

Greentech Media: “Getting 80 percent of our energy from clean sources by 2035 sounds fantastic, but what’s natural gas doing in there?”

Grist: “Obama’s 80 percent clean energy goal: Who’s he kidding?”

Solve Climate News: “Obama adopted a more centrist tone during his State of the Union, avoiding any mention of climate change but embracing the promise of clean technology.”

Time: “Tonight’s State of the Union may be remembered as the moment when the White House stopped working on climate—and started working on energy.”
Union of Concerned Scientists: “If we invest in 21st-century clean energy and vehicle technology and keep critical public health safeguards intact, we can have cleaner air and greater prosperity.”

Sierra Club: “So, if we want to slash auto emissions and kick our addiction to oil, we need this year’s tens of thousands of EVs to quickly skyrocket to hundreds of thousands and then to millions.  And simultaneously we need to clean up our electricity to make EVs even cleaner.”

Nature Conservancy: “So, all in all, in difficult times, the president’s State of the Union speech is a step forward for energy policy and its attendant benefits.”

Natural Resources Defense Council: “The president got it right. Nothing’s more urgent than creating American jobs and protecting our health. The best way to do that is to invest in a clean energy future that makes our workers more competitive, our companies stronger, our country more secure and all of us healthier.”

Solar Energy Industries Association: “With the right policy support, the U.S. solar industry is scaling up and allowing America to innovate and compete in the global marketplace.”

Electric Drive Transportation Association: “With the nation at an energy policy crossroads, electric drive technologies – from hybrid, battery, plug-in and fuel cell vehicles – are creating U.S. jobs while building a cleaner, more efficient vehicle fleet.”

American Wind Energy Association: “We are pleased to see the possibility of the first predictable long-term federal policy toward renewable energy. But of course we’ll need to make sure the policy really deploys the renewable energy Americans want in the near term, as well as the long term.”

American Petroleum Institute: “Natural gas and renewables are important components of our energy mix, but we will need our nation’s vast oil resources for decades to come.”

Nuclear Energy Institute: “The President’s continued commitment to nuclear energy has reinforced the bipartisan nature of support for nuclear energy.”

American Coalition For Clean Coal Electricity: “The most important thing President Obama and Congress can do to ‘win the future’ is work together to create jobs, help families cope and get our economy growing.  Sound energy policies that ensure a vital role for coal are essential to accomplishing these goals.”

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