Duracell Beefs Up USB Charging Options

Noting that some 3 billion USB-enabled devices shipped in 2009 – and that the figure could rise to 4 billion – Duracell announced a new line of portable power inverters and laptop power adapters ready to fire up the gizmos. The company said the line – five new inverters and two adapters, due out this spring – would be the first to market with advanced USB 2.1 Amp charging ports across inverters and laptop adapters.

The power inverters take the 12-volt DC power from a car cigarette outlet and convert it to the 120-Volt AC and 5-Volt USB power, providing a portable charge to an endless range of devices – from iPods and iPads to Kindles and Nooks. Four of the new Duracell power inverters can charge two devices simultaneously, Duracell said, while the Power Inverter 130 fits into a car cup-holder and includes AC, DC and USB 2.1 Amp ports, allowing it to charge three devices at once.

Duracell, Advanced Power Inverters and Laptop Adapters

image via Duracell

On the nonportable side, Duracell is coming out with a Universal 90-Watt AC Adapter and Universal Energy Efficient 90-Watt AC Adapter, the latter of which exceeds Energy Star standards and is “designed to use 90 percent less energy than comparable adapters.” These laptop chargers can hook up with most any brand of computer, Duracell said, and come with an additional USB 2.1 Amp power port allowing them to simultaneously charge smaller devices.

Duracell said the MSRP on the new lineup will range from $29.99 to $59.99.

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