Detroit Auto Show: Tesla’s 1500 Roadsters

Tesla Motors announced today ahead of the opening of the 2011 North American International Auto Show that  itso far has delivered over 1,500 of its pricey Roadsters worldwide to customers in more than 30 countries. The electric automaker said in terms of real world driving mileage its customers have thus far racked up over 8.5 million miles, showcasing the fact electric cars can actually perform well when driven on the open road.

Tesla estimated that thus far the fleet of Roadsters being driven by customers has saved 415,000 gallons (1.6 million liters) of gasoline and more than 22,000 barrels of oil. In terms of range of distribution, it is said vehicles are now in countries ranging from Singapore to Switzerland, with the most northerly Roadsters are in Narvik, Norway, 140 miles (220 kilometers) north of the Arctic Circle.

Roadster 1500

image via Tesla Motors

2010 turned out to be something of a banner year for Tesla, with the company becoming publicly traded, opening an assembly plant in California and unveiling an updated version of its Roadster. It also partnered with Toyota to develop an all-electric version of the latter’s popular RAV4 SUV.

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