Detroit Auto Show: Harman GreenEdge Audio

If the future of cars really is battery powered, dialing down component weight, energy use and heat production will be increasingly important goals. The audio company Harman has been working to get ahead of the curve on this count, and came to Detroit to promote its GreenEdge audio systems at the North American International Auto Show.

“HARMAN GreenEdge systems meet the demands for automotive grade solutions that are small, cool, and lightweight yet tremendously powerful and efficient,” said Michael Mauser, co-president of Harman’s Automotive Division. Harman said that by combining low power, low weight and high-efficiency amps and speakers, they can achieve a system efficiency of up to 90 percent, compared to a traditional efficiency of 30-50 percent.

low-energy car auto system, Harman GreenEdge

image via Harman

Harman certainly gives itself a system-of-the-future gloss with its tie-in with Rinspeed and its wild concepts. GreenEdge is in Rinspeed’s iChange and UC concept cars, and Harman noted that it will also appear in the upcoming 2012 Lexus LFA sportscar. Harman is hoping to extend the GreenEdge technology beyond cars, as well, saying that GreenEdge’s attributes “translate well to the home, where products take up less space and generate less heat while still delivering audiophile-grade sound quality with significantly reduced power consumption.”

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