Detroit Auto Show 2011 Green Car Recap

With the North American International Auto Show in Detroit winding down into its final days, it seems fitting at this point to take a look back at some of the green car announcements which made this year’s show stand out. What is perhaps most notable about this year’s Detroit Auto Show, however, is what wasn’t debuted there: the Ford Focus Electric, which the American automaker chose to unveil instead at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in January.

The Ford Focus Electric aside, this year’s Detroit show did not disappoint. Ford had some other new green cars it was showing off, while Toyota unveiled some new Prius designs. Porsche also, among others, had a nice and flashy racing hybrid to showcase to show onlookers as well.

Toyota Prius v

Toyota Prius V

image via Toyota

Toyota unveiled the Prius V, an extension of its popular hybrid, highlighting that it offers 50-percent more cargo space while getting 40 mpg.

Ford C-MAX Energi Hybrid

Plug-in hybrid, Ford C-MAX Energi

image via Ford

In Detroit, Ford introduces the C-MAX Energi, a production plug-in hybrid electric that the company says has an extended range of over 500 driving miles.

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