Chinese Co. Drops Super EVs in Detroit

Electric vehicles, solar panels, home energy storage units and LED Lighting–BYD Co., Ltd., (BYD) of Shenzen, China, has all this and more, and plans to debut its green tech stateside at the North America International Auto Show (NAIAS) from January 10th to 23rd in Detroit.

BYD calls this series, which focuses on renewable energy generation, environmentally-friendly energy storage and efficient energy consumption “Three Green Dreams.” Part of this series are both short and long term solutions for cities seeking ways to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions at low cost by electrifying public transportation.

BYD e6

image via BYD

Green vehicles to be showcased in Detroit include BYD’s all-electric e6 Premier for 2012, S6DM dual mode electric SUV, and the low-carbon version of the F3DM sedan, as well as the core drive technology of the K9 all-electric e-Bus

The e6 Premier features an expected range of 300km (or 186.4 miles) on urban roads, with a top speed is 140km/h (or 87 mph), and recharges via fast-charger in just 40 minutes. The S6DM SUV travels over 60km (38 miles) on electric power and another 310 miles on gas; the F3DM sedan is also a plug-in hybrid, and comes equipped with a standard a solar panel sunroof to parallel charge its Fe battery.  The all-electric K9 e Bus features a specially-designed in-wheel electric drive and gets 250+ km (155+ miles) on a single charge.

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