CES 2011: Westinghouse LD-4655 TV

With large, sleek, flat-screened TVs now ubiquitous – and power-hungry – manufacturers are beginning to differentiate their products based on green attributes. We told you a few months ago about Philips’ Europe-bound Econova 42-inch display, which the company says uses a mere 40 watts of power when in a special “eco mode.” Now comes Westinghouse with the 46-inch LD-4655, a power-miser the company said it will show at the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Westinghouse said the LD-4655 uses LED backlighting technology to keep electricity consumption down to 80 watts. That’s not as low as the 40 watts claimed by Philips, but, then again, you don’t have to put the Westinghouse in “eco-mode.” And while we’re often reminded that home electronics can gobble up energy even when not in use, Westinghouse said this TV uses just 1 watt in standby mode.

LED HDTV, Westinghouse

image via Westinghouse

To hear Westinghouse tell it, however, LED technology is about more than trimming energy use. The company said the 1080p set uses “the latest edge-lit LED technology” to provide “an impressively bright picture, rich colors, excellent gradations, 120 Hz refresh rate and a super-fast 6.5 ms response time (that) results in theater-worthy video that can keep up with all of today’s media.”

As for price, Westinghouse said the set has “a value-driven MSRP of $899.”

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