CES 2011: TRENDnet GREENwifi Technology

We noted TRENDnet, a wired and wireless networking hardware brand, at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show because of a greener wireless router. The company is back for CES 2011 with word of GREENwifi, an embedded green wireless technology it is rolling out across its new wireless networking products.

TRENDnet claims GREENwifi results in reduced power consumption of up to 50 percent by acting out at different stages of the wireless information transfer process. It reduces power consumption when a wireless device is: idle and not connected to another wireless client such as a computer;  idle and connected to a wireless client; downloading content; and uploading content. It also reportedly reduces power consumption based on wireless signal strength. When a computer is closer to a GREENwifi router, said TRENDnet, and connects to the router with a stronger signal strength, the router will automatically lower its output power when conveying information to that specific computer.

Trendnet Greenwifi

image via TRENDnet

The company said GREENwifi has been integrated into Version 2.0R of its 150Mbps Wireless N Home Router, model TEW-651BR — which will be available for purchase this month. TRENDnet’s 150Mbps Micro Wireless N USB Adapter, model TEW-648UBM, has also integrated GREENwifi technology and is currently available. Also in process is integrating GREENwifi into the Wireless N Home Router Version 3.0R, model TEW-652BRP, available this coming February.

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