CES 2011: Oregon Scientific Weather Lab

Things just keep getting better for the weather geek, who in the age of the Internet already has an endless stream of environmental and climate data to feed his habit. Now Oregon Scientific has announced Weather Station Lab, a handy online tool for building a custom home weather station.

None of the options to the Weather Station Lab, which the company is showing at the Consumer Electronics Show, is exactly revolutionary – they include wireless sensors that measure temperature, wind, rainfall, barometric pressure and UV exposure. The key thing Oregon Scientific said it has done with Weather Station Lab is make it easier to piece together a home station that meets specific user needs.

Home weather station, Oregon Scientific, Home Weather Lab

image via Oregon Scientific

Prices for the systems start as low as $39.99 for basic models that give you little more than the time and the temperature, using sensors that can be placed up to 100 feet away. But for the real weather enthusiast – the sort of person who knows that the wet-bulb effect has nothing to do with accidentally spilling water on a lamp – the possibilities are far more elaborate. Start with the touch-screen console that runs $229.99, then add on a rain gauge, temperature sensors that can be placed a football field away, a weather vane and maybe even a pool/pond temperature sensor, and you’re headed north of $350.

On a green note, one of the Oregon Scientific options is a solar panel that works with the temperature/humidity and wind sensors.

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