CES 2011: Idapt e1 Eco Universal Charger

It’s not solar, and heaven knows a lot of solar chargers showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show. But Idapt makes a big play that its new dual universal charger – which comes with a USB port and an interchangeable tip port, so it can work on pretty much any device from iPad to Blackberry to various GPS systems – is really green. The company even calls it the “e1 Eco Universal Charger.” So, what’s it got to back up the claim?

To start, the charger meets Energy Star standards and is built from recycled materials. Along those lines, Idapt also said the charger itself will be easier to recycle since no “chemical paints” were used in the manufacturing process.

Idapt Eco Universal Charger

image via Idapt

In its operation, the device boasts eco chops with its auto-off system – when it’s not in use, the charger doesn’t draw power, Idapt said. The company also said “the dual charger can refuel mobile devices while at home or (on) the go via wall outlet or included car adapter with minimal impact on the environment,” but it was hard to decipher an eco element there.

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