CES 2011: Ford Focus Electric Charger

[Editor’s Note: Looking for the story on the launch of the Focus Electric itself? Go here.]

Ford’s multipronged Focus Electric intro at the Consumer Electronics Show included big news on the charging front, as the automaker aimed a couple of darts at competitor Nissan Leaf.

Ford said it would hook up with Best Buy to sell and install 240-volt home charging stations for $1,499 – around $700 less than what Nissan is selling Leaf charging stations for through its car dealers. Moreover, Ford said, because the Focus Electric comes with a 6.6-kilowatt charger, it can be fully juiced “in three to four hours – charging in half the time as the Nissan Leaf.”

Ford Focus Electric, electric vehicle home charging station, Best Buy

image via Ford

Ford said Best Buy’s Geek Squad would handle the consultation and installation for its charging units, with third-party licensed electrical contractors also in the mix, presumably on homes with substandard electrical service.

“With fast charge times, low pricing and a user-friendly design, the 240-volt home charge station will be on the shopping list of most Focus Electric buyers,” Mike Tinskey, Ford’s manager of vehicle electrification and infrastructure, said in a statment. “By working with Best Buy to offer the charging station installation service solution, Ford is providing electric vehicle customers in the U.S. with a familiar, trusted source to turn to for their installation needs.”

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