CES 2011: Eragy Home Energy Monitoring

Well, that was fast. Just a month after announcing the general availability of its home energy monitoring application and service, Eragy is at the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil a second generation of the application.

The company said the new version of Energy Monitoring Plus could be coupled with a Control4 home automation system and an eGauge home energy monitor – the latter a change from the old setup. When it came out last month, Eragy went with the TED5000 monitor instead of the eGuage. “The combination of Eragy, eGauge, and Control4 provides a tremendous energy monitoring solution for homeowners,“ Greg Greenan, Vice President of eGauge Systems, said in a statement.

home energy monitoring, Eragy, second-generation system

image via Eragy

With the setup, you can monitor both whole-house energy consumption and also zero in on energy used by individual appliances and circuits. Eragy said that with the system this home energy monitoring ability extends beyond the Control4 touch screen to the TV screen, iPads, smart phones and web browsers.

The company is pricing the Energy Monitoring Plus app, Eragy software driver and 12 months of monitoring service via the Eragy.com consumer web portal at an MSRP of $249.

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