CES 2011: Ecoustic Biodegradable Cables

They might enjoy a long useful life, and after that a period of rest, stashed away in the drawer or box that gobbles up our discarded electronic accessories. Eventually, though, like everything else, cables end up polluting Earth. Enter Qmadix, a company so moved by the sheer insanity of endless feet, yards – miles, even! – of cable cluttering our landfills, they did something about it.

Another wireless gizmo to hasten us along to a cable-free future? No! Try: biodegradable cable.

Discarded cables, China, Greenpeace

image via Greenpeace

But a cable needs to be sturdy, you say. To which Qmadix, showing its wares at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, says: “Ecoustic, a first of its kind environmentally friendly cable, carries a patent pending formula which was perfected to produce cable material that provides biodegradable properties while still maintaining its durability and reliability characteristics.”

Qmadix’s announcement of the Ecoustic line didn’t go into a whole lot more detail, except to say the products are the result of a partnership with Samsin USA.

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