2010 Top Green Technology News Stories

2010 was a banner year for green technology in its various forms. The green car revolution took on a new direction with the public debuts of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt. California signed off on a number of large scale solar power plants to provide clean energy for its growing population. High speed rail in the United States got increased funding, even as China took top dog for speed on the railways. And the list goes on.

Here at EarthTechling, we found that our top news stories for 2010, based upon page views per story, were an eclectic mix. Far and away the most popular story was one on a funky type of electric bike called the YikeBike. Readers were also interested in concept devices, clean tech jobs and solar powered this and that. We present to you now the top 10 green technology news stories for 2010, starting with the most popular and going down from there:

Still Weird Electric YikeBike Available
Somewhere between an e-bike and a Segway is the electric YikeBike ‘mini-farthing,’ which now retails in the United States for around $3,600.


image via GadgetLab

New Chinese Train Is Really, Really Fast
China reportedly has the fastest high speed rail train at the moment, which topped speeds of 260 miles per hour before debuting this week for public service.

This Solar Charger Runs Devices Directly
Suntactics says that its new portable solar charger is powerful enough to not only charge your phone or other gizmo, but run it directly off sun power.

Bio Robot Concept Fridge Uses Green Goo To Cool Your Food
A new concept design by Yuriy Dmitriev makes use of “bio robots” suspended in gel to cool foods in a unique, door-less fridge system.


image via Inhabitat

Micro Wind Power Being Showcased As Wind Energy Frontier
A company called Humdinger is rolling out a tiny device called the MicroBelt that harvests the vibration of the wind to power the smart building sensors of the future.

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