Spanish Building Offshore Wind Turbine

A conglomeration of Spanish companies has come together to develop a 15-megawatt (MW) capacity offshore wind turbine using 100 percent home grown technology. These companies, being coordinated by wind energy player Gamesa, are calling the large scale project Azimut Offshore Wind Energy 2020.

The Azimut project, according to Gamesa, also involves Alstom Wind, Acciona Windpower, Iberdrola Renovables and Acciona Energía, among others, along with 22 research centers. It was approved by Spain’s Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), a unit of the Science and Innovation Ministry via the Cenit Programme, and will require a total capital investment of 25 million euros over four years. Financing will be handled by those companies who are participating.

image via Vattenfall

The program specifically calls for “the technological groundwork for the subsequent development, in around 2020, of a large-scale offshore wind turbine. The programme’s initial objectives call for developing a turbine with unit capacity of 15 MW that is capable of overcoming the technical and financial hurdles currently limiting the rollout of offshore wind energy. The most pressing of these obstacles are availability, turbine foundations and energy delivery to land, and the challenge consists in narrowing the gap between offshore energy’s cost and required investment and those of onshore wind energy sites.”

Other participants include Técnicas Reunidas, Ingeteam, Ingeciber, Imatia, Tecnitest Ingenieros and DIgSILENT Ibérica. All companies involved say this project will “reinforce their commitment to R&D in offshore wind energy as a vehicle for achieving global technological leadership and contributing to the generation of offshore wind energy in a reliable, economically sound manner with the utmost respect for the natural environment.”

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