Solar Charger Claims Higher Efficiency

The coupling of portable chargers and solar chargers, encouraged in no small part by the Apple’s stunningly successful iPhone, continues to produce offspring. The latest portable solar charger to hit the market comes from Choice Solar, and it comes via India.

In a press release, Choice Solar announced the SunCharge charger, designed for use in India where mobile devices are ubiquitous, now has U.S. distribution. The company called the SunCharge “a powerful, lightweight, affordable solar iPhone charger” that delivers four to six times the power of competing products, sharply reducing charging time.

SunCharge portable solar charger

image via Choice Solar

“We found that most solar chargers in the U.S. provide only a trickle charge, and take too long to charge a cell phone, battery or device,” Choice Solar Chairman Ravi Sinha said in a statement. “The SunCharge’s 2.7 W makes a huge difference.”

The Suncharger 2.7 is sold for $39.95 on the Choice Solar website, but that alone won’t charge your iPhone. For that, you’ll need to get the iPhone Solar Charger Bundle, priced at $79.95.

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