San Francisco Takes the Lead With Solar

In one massive solar project, the City of San Francisco will be tripling the amount of solar power used by its local government and powering up California’s largest municipal solar array. That’s the word from the office of San Fransisco Mayer Gavin Newsom, which recently reported that the City’s Sunset Reservoir Solar Project, slated for the top of the North Basin of the Sunset Reservoir, is expected to supply up to 5 megawatts of renewable energy a day.

The Sunset Reservoir Project contract has been awarded to Recurrent Energy, a leading San Francisco-based solar project developer and generating company, through a competitive bidding process. Recurrent will be providing the 24,000 solar panels for the project, while  the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will be purchasing the renewable energy generated by the system under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement.

Photo simulation of Sunset Reservoir Solar Project

image via City of San Francisco Mayor's Office

Mayor Newsom also went on to challenge the City to set a path for 100% renewable energy with the announcement of a $250,000 grant awarded to the City by the Sidney Frank Foundation for that purpose and a Mayor’s Task Force charged with developing an implementation plan over the next 12 months to achieve that goal by 2020, in support of the City’s carbon neutrality goal.

“We need to continue reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and power the entire City, not just municipal operations, on 100 percent renewable electricity,” said Mayor Newsom. He went on to note that the City has already achieved level of reduced greenhouse emissions targeted by the Kyoto Protocol.

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