Oregon Wind Developer Gets 1st Customers

Xzeres’ Mico-Generation Utility model is an innovative solution to distributed wind power and a win-win situation, it seems, for both the company and its customers, three of which have recently signed on to host the company’s small wind systems. These three contracts are expected to combine for a total of approximately $1.1 million, which will allow Xzeres (a company specializing in small wind systems) to act somewhat like a utility.

Under this agreement, one of the largest dairy farms in Tillamook, Oregon, a large dairy farm in Astoria, Oregon and a construction consulting firm in Southern California will install a total of 14 Xzeres 442 10kW small wind turbines. These small wind systems will provide for a significant portion of each customer’s electricity needs at a price less than the customer’s local utility rates for the lifetime of the equipment, while allowing Xzeres to sell the rest of the energy generated.

Xzeres 442 wind turbine

image via Xzeres

“This progressive financing option offered by Xzeres gives my business a self-sufficient renewable energy solution to help control our escalating energy expenses,” said customer Rocco Cordola, in a statement. “We considered a couple different options, including solar, but found this avenue to best fit our needs, avoiding the large upfront costs while still saving a good deal on energy bills.” The Xzeres model offers residential and commercial customers a hedge against rising rates for 20+ years while providing the company with a long-term recurring revenue stream.

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