Lamborghini EV More Than Meets the Eye

Some people have to write a long, boring thesis for college. Some people, like Ognayan Bozhilov at Italy’s Scuola politecnica di design, get to design electric race car concepts with interactive elements. Oh, and did we mention that he conducted this project in collaboration with Lamborghini?

For the road, the Lamborghini E-trans features large electric batteries for range. But once it hits the racetrack, watch out–the side panels break away for a more aerodynamic shape, while those large batteries pull out entirely. The car then runs on smaller batteries that decrease range but improve performance, cooled by stylish spoilers that pop up in the back.

Lamborghini E-trans

image via Ognyan Bozhilov

This car was apparently designed by Mr. Bozhilov in response to a challenge by Lamborghini, which asked students to “forget about the combustion engine” and focus on the the future of propulsion by designing a Lamborghini that was either electric or hybrid. The size of the batteries needed to get an electric version of the car on the road apparently conflicted with its racecar image–hence, the E-trans: an electric sportscar  that can switch between normal and race mode.

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