Home Energy Monitor Concept Handles Temp

In the near future, it’s likely that most, if not all, homes will have some sort of energy management system. Designer Alex BenBassat of Los Angeles wants to help us envision that future with a new concept design called the Smart Home Energy Monitor.

This concept focuses on residential energy conservation by positing “new ways to monitor, display, and affect energy consumption in the home.” Like most energy management systems, BenBassat’s brainchild makes smart energy decisions based on power consumption and custom settings set by the user–unlike many monitors currently on the market, it works for both electricity and HVAC systems, allowing the latter to be managed remotely, via smartphone or laptop. It also features special messaging via these forms of communication, presumably asking you if you’d like to change your settings, based on changing weather conditions.

Smart Home Energy Manager

image via Alex BenBassat

We like the idea of a furistic  “talking house”–one that not only allows us to automate energy savings (by turning down the thermostat automatically when no one’s at home, for example) but communicates with us regarding different energy-saving decisions we could be making, in real time. (Then again, plenty of people will probably just want to check in on the big numbers once a month, and adjustment the program from there.)

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