Greenerator Brings Eco Energy To Condos

Getting your entire apartment or condo onboard with wind or solar generation can be next-to-impossible–but what you do on your own balcony is your own business. That’s the idea behind an innovative concept design by Jonathan Globerson of Florida, who proposes a solution memorably entitled the Greenerator.

The Greenerator attaches via clamps to the handrail of your balcony and features both a helical wind turbine and thin film solar cells. The device hooks up to deliver power you can put to use right there at home via a controller, ultracapacitator and inverter.


image via Jonathon Globerson

The device makes use of magnetic bearings for improved reliability, and can easily be removed, should you move. Each device has enough generating capacity to power (depending on weather conditions) 2.5 laptops, a refrigerator, 3 CFL light-bulbs, a stereo system, a desktop computer, or a flat-screen TV, while eliminating a decent amount of carbon emissions from the atmosphere on an annual basis.


image via Jonathan Globerson

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    The product should be mass produced, sold at low cost and distributed to developing countries and remote locations off the grid. Together with a non polluting stove this device has the potential of transforming the lives of people in low income countries.

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