Efacec Ships 1st US Built Transformer

Recently, the state of Michigan celebrated not only the build out of a new wind-farm, but the fact that the turbine components for it will be manufactured in-state, maximizing economic returns. To get the biggest economic boost from wind power, it  would make sense to follow this model on a national scale–but until now, there were no companies that manufactured the transformers necessary for large-scale wind projects. With the delivery of Efacec‘s first US-built transformers to a New Mexico wind farm, the company is celebrating no less than “a revival of a U.S. industrial endeavor.”

Jorge Guerra, Efacec’s Executive Director of U.S. Business and Operations, said, in a statement, “After investing $120 million to build the plant, secure materials, and train a workforce from the ground up in technology that has not been found anywhere in the US for more than three decades, we see the successful delivery of our first unit as a threshold moment.” The company’s plant is located in Georgia and is the sole North American producer of large, high capacity shell-type transformers, as well as the core units it recently shipped to the Red Mesa wind project operated by Florida Power & Light subsidiary NextEra in New Mexico.

Efacac Transformer

image via Efacec

This massive 115 MVA core transformer unit has completed testing at the plant’s high-voltage laboratory and is typical of the units the Efacec plant will be producing.  It stands 16 feet high, weighs 97 tons, is capable of powering a small town.

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