Concept Makes Recycling Stations Greener

Nobody likes to take out the trash, or the recycling, for that matter. A new concept design from Soyoung Park, Song-Young You, and Jae-Hong Lee (which comes to us by way of Tuvie) seeks to improve our attitude on the matter with a stylish, sanitary waste separation facility for apartment complexes and condos known as the Econology Life Recycle House.

It’s a little shelter that protects garbage and boxes for various types of recycling from the ill-effects of rain, while also harvesting precipitation for use in a handwash station. The roof of the shelter comes equipped with a solar panel “to minimize the consumption of electricity.” (For the house? The lights that illuminate this shelter? For a solar-powered trash compacter? We’re not too sure on this one.)

Econology Life Recycle House

image via Tuvie

While to some degree this concept design goes in the category of things you never knew you needed (and probably don’t), the prospect of a dry, clean, organized space for trash and recycling is definitely attractive–as is the opportunity for a handwash before returning home.

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    Nicole Boivin

    Im happy to see this concept!!!! this makes complete and utter sense and i am baffled as to why we didnt think of this earlier!!
    at least its here now!

    owner of

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