1 Million EVs In California By 2020?

A coalition of groups – automakers, electric utilities, infrastructure providers, regulators, public health organizations and others – says “developing a sustained market for (plug-in electric vehicles) in California faces serious challenges,” but believes the state can smooth the way toward getting 1 million plug-ins on the road in the unfolding decade by adopting a list of 30 recommended actions.

“Taking Charge: Establishing California Leadership in the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Marketplace,” a plan released by the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, is a 64-page document chock full of detailed guidance on integrating and promoting the use of electric vehicles in the state. What it all adds up to, Executive Director Diane Wittenberg said, is “it must be simple, simple, simple for consumers to choose plug-in electric vehicles.”

Nissan Leaf

image via European Car of the Year

In the group’s press release announcing the plan it calls out seven “key recommendations” to meet that goal: simplifying the process to get home charging stations installed; developing solutions to enable charging at apartments and condos; structuring electricity prices to encourage off-peak charging; increasing consumer demand through education and awareness programs; developing new service industries to make charging a car easier than fueling at a gas station; encouraging tech-based solutions to help drivers find existing public charging stations; and ensuring that local governments help establish the strategic placement of a public-charging network.

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