Urbee Vies For Greenest Car Ever Title

Green car enthusiasts, fasten your seatbelts: the Urbee hybrid car, currently under development by Stratasys (of Minneapolis) and Kor Ecologic (of Winnipeg) is a gas/ethanol/electric hybrid that gets 200 miles per gallon (mpg) highway and 100 mpg city and can be charged by a backyard windmill or a solar panel small enough to fit on the roof of your garage.

Oh, and another thing: it looks like a spaceship.

All of this may sound like science fiction, but it is, apparently, real, as the two development partners showcased a full-scale prototype of their dream machine, which they’re calling “the greenest car in the world,” at the 2010 SEMA show, November 2-5, in Las Vegas.


image via Stratasys

According to Stratasys, Urbee is the first prototype car ever to have its entire body 3D printed with an additive process, which means that all exterior components–including the glass–were created using Dimension 3D Printers and Fortus 3D Production Systems at Stratasys’ digital manufacturing service, RedEye on Demand. The Urbee competed in the 2010 X-Prize Competition, and is slated for a feature on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet.

“Other hybrids on the road today were developed by applying ‘green’ standards to traditional vehicle formats,” said Jim Kor, president and chief technology officer of Kor Ecologic, in a statement. “Urbee was designed with environmentally sustainable principles dictating every step of its design.” He goes on to note that Stratsys’ Fortus 3D Production technology was instrumental in making the car as ‘green’ as possible throughout the design and manufacturing processes, allowing Kor Ecologic to eliminate tooling, machining, and handwork in creating the Urbee prototype.

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