Sunny Sunshade Concept Lights Up Night

Every now and then, a concept design comes along that’s so elegant and functional we hit our heads and ask, “Why doesn’t this thing exist?” The Day Shade Night Light by Yang Ze Siao (which comes to us by way of Yanko Design) is such a concept.

The Day Shade Night Light looks very much like a your average sun umbrella by day, shielding you from the harsh rays of the sun. Secretly, though, the flexible thin film solar material composing the top of the shade is doing more than deflecting the sun, it’s collecting it–so at night, when you’d like to sit outside and bask in the cool of the evening, you won’t need to turn on a light. Why? Because the flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) lining the bottom of the shade (yes) will emit a lovely ambient light.

Day Shade Night Light

image via Yanko Design

The juice is stored, in case you were wondering, in the umbrella handle–which also conveniently houses a switch, so you can choose when to turn on the light. You can even dim and brighten the intensity by cranking the handle. The brilliance!

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