Plogg Smart Plug Tracks Energy Usage

Even as smart plug start up ThinkEco was debuting its modlet smart plug for commercial installations, across the Atlantic UK based Energy Optimizers Limited (EOL) was announcing a new version of its smart plug, called the plogg. It is designed to help one measure and monitor electricity use in the home or office.

The EOL plogg, said the manufacturer, is a combined smart meter plug and data logger, based on Ember’s EM357 ZigBee wireless technology and Teridian’s 6511 metering chip. It can be attached to any electrical appliance or device that uses a standard mains socket plug in either Schuko, UK, French or USA mains outlet formats. It tracks the electricity used by the device plugged into it, wirelessly transmitting that data to either a PC, an Internet-linked Ethernet gateway or a ZigBee installed Smart Meter.

EOL Plogg

image via EOL

EOL has made available to third party developers a software development toolkit that has been designed specifically to make the plogg more usable in a wider array of settings. Universities across Europe, for example, are using the plogg in a wide range of studies on new designs for building management and social networking systems.

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    Interested in the Plogg. Where can I find them, how much to they cost and can they log data indiviually for later download?



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