On Board Leaf Info System Very Advanced

Nissan apparently has big plans for the infotainment system which will be available in the upcoming Leaf electric car. It is said this new system will offer “greater convenience, comfort and security for EVs, as well as provide real-world data that will be important to realizing a low-carbon society in the future.”

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system, as Nissan calls it, will wirelessly work in tandem with Nissan’s Carwings Data Center, through the car’s navigation system via the onboard Telematics Communication Unit (TCU), to provide a variety of specific electric vehicle related features. These include EV usage history, battery conditions, updates on nearby charging stations, how far one has left to be able to drive before needing a battery recharge and a ranking function that lets Leaf drivers “compete with each other in electricity consumption, traveling distance and the amount of charge produced by regenerative braking.”

Leaf ICT

image via Nissan

There’s a whole host of other stuff Nissan listed the ICT will do as well, including route planning, remote battery charging control, remote climate control, a calculation of how much CO2 emissions were reduced by driving EV (predicted rate) and lots more. Nissan added that, based upon the consent of the driver, Carwings “will retain historical driving, charging and electricity consumption information globally. Based on this data, it will analyze EV driving and charging data to measure how much CO2 is reduced through EV use and to evaluate clean energy usage.”

The system, Nissan said as well, can be accessed via a dedicated website on multiple platforms to manage energy usage.

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