EnergySavvy Wants You To Save Energy, $$

Online home energy management tools, like those offered by Google and Microsoft, can go a long way towards helping you not only get a handle on your home energy usage, but also help you figure out ways to actually save money at the same time. There are a number of other online services doing these functions besides Google and Microsoft, with one of them being EnergySavvy.

EnergySavvy, which debuted in late February, makes use of a simple and pretty informative online energy reporting tool that provides an estimate of how much you could be saving on utility bills and provides customized recommendations concerning high-priority upgrades, along with lists of green contractors in your area and information on tax rebates and credits. To find out more about this tool and whether or not it might be useful for you, we turned to Scott Case, EnergySavvy’s vice president of product management, for more details.


image via EnergySavvy

EarthTechling (ET): What exactly is EnergySavvy?

Scott Case: EnergySavvy is a Seattle-based clean-tech startup that’s dedicated to making energy efficiency easy for homeowners. We work with utilities, government programs and other organizations to help enable home energy retrofits – upgrades to houses that create deep and lasting energy savings.

ET: What kinds of advantages can consumers get using EnergySavvy?

Case: Consumers who use EnergySavvy’s online tools – either on our portal or on the websites of our customers, such as Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR or Energy Trust of Oregon, can quickly assess their home’s current efficiency, get a sense of what energy retrofit projects are the biggest bang for their buck, and then discover all the energy-related rebates and tax credits they can use for their home.

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